IFE Контент

Provide your passengers with

an incredible selection of films. From the latest Hollywood blockbusters and favorite classics to great original films from independent regional studios.
Our library contains thousands of famous TV programs and iconic licensed content from all over the world. Your passengers will receive a fantastic selection of TV shows covering all popular genres.
TV shows
Games that will turn the game around.
Reading is one of my favorite in-flight activities. We provide passengers with a simple and convenient solution - an electronic library. Depending on the equipment of the aircraft, you can read and flip through magazines on the screens in the seat backs or on personal smartphones and tablets by connecting to the service via Wi-Fi.
We will help your passengers relax and immerse themselves in the sound created specifically for your airline. We have gathered the strongest experts from the radio and music industry to present you with the perfect mix of music albums and playlists, including the latest music releases. There is also a huge selection of audiobooks and popular entertainment and information podcasts.