Customer focus

The end customer of Aerogroup  
and its partner airlines is the  
passenger. That's why we strive  
to make the flight unforgettable  
with intuitive interfaces,  
personalized technology,  
fascinating books, good music  
and of course, the latest movies  
from around the world.  
Developing each contract, we  
make a list of the best solutions.  
Then we connect to the creative  
team, use all the existing  
technological potential and turn  
it all into a fantastically  
fascinating reality.

IFE branding

We suggest not just individual  
solutions for branding all points  
of contact with the passenger,  
but the opportunity to  
emphasize the values of the  
brand through a simple and  
intuitive graphical interface,  
advertising and infotainment  
content. In addition, we develop  
and deliver direct interaction  
tools: e-readers, graphical  
interfaces and digital guides that  
meet your needs.
Long experience in the industry  IFE

History of Aerougroup has more than 20 years of cooperation with the leading airlines of Russia and CIS. During this time, we have established strong relationships with producers, distributors, and studios to always get the best content - whether Hollywood blockbusters or original movies. We have also created and are constantly increasing our opportunities to produce creative media and provide full technical support. All this means that we can not only license and produce original content, but also localize it, as well as broadcast it to various IFE systems.

Quality audit

Our control system meets international standards and guarantees excellent content quality. We test each piece of content that is delivered on board and constantly verify that the content meets the requirements of the partner airline.  Easy installation, user-friendliness, low maintenance, long service life, and high quality are the basic requirements of Aerogroup.

ADRESS: 125284,
Leningradsky Ave,
31A, block 1, Monarkh,
22 этаж.
Tel. / fax: 
+7 (495) 899-05-00